Rick Hahn started the fire with two moves this week, shipping out Chris Sale and Adam Eaton and adding 6 new guys to the White Sox top 10 prospects, including their top 4, 2 of which happen to be the #1 and #3 prospects in the game. Ill review what Hahn has done and my outlook on the Sox rebuild when its finished, I know this isn’t the last move so no need to jump the gun. Instead, this blog is just going to be pouring Kerosene all over Hahn’s fire, and throwing out a bunch of hypothetical trades. Lets see just how bad we can make the 2017 White Sox.

I am listing the trades in likeliness said player gets traded. I will also give a percent chance I think they get moved

  1. David Robertson (95%) to the Washington Nationals for Pedro Severino and Juan Soto

This deal just feels like a matter of time. The Nats aren’t going to win the Kenley Jansen sweepstakes and are going to desperately need a closer. The Sox know the Nats system very very well, and desperately need a young catcher. I think Robertson’s value has gone up a tick since these huge Chapman, Melancon, and Jansen deals, so the Sox also got an 18 year old lotto ticket.

2. Todd Frazier (90%) to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Gavin Lux and Jordan Sheffield

I am starting to really get the feeling the Dodgers are going to let Turner walk, and they immediately become the home for Frazier. Their return features a 2016 1st rounder they publicly coveted in Lux, and the Dodgers CBA pick in Sheffield, who has a 7o grade fastball but needs to develop the other stuff (Cough Kopech, Giolito, Lopez).

3. Jose Quintana (75%) to the Houston Astros for AJ Reed, Kyle Tucker and Derek Fisher

Like the first 2, there has already been plenty of speculation about Quintana to the Astros. After a pitching heavy package from the Nats, the Sox need to bring some bats into the system, and the Astros have exactly that. Quintana slides in as the Astros #2, something they desperately need, and the Sox get 3 hitters who should one day be key cogs on the MLB squad.

4. Jose Abreu (50%) to the Colorado Rockies for Ramiel Tapia, Ryan McMahon, Kyle Freeland

Again, this has been speculated. I refuse to believe the Rockies plan is to stick Desmond at 1B, thats as bad the Shelby Miller trade. It just makes no sense. I think they deal Blackmon for pitching and trade for a 1B. Jose’s market might not be that strong as their are limited suitors and decent Free Agents available, but this is still a nice package. Maybe a bit light, but we are scoring the earth here, everything must go, so we are going to have settle here and there

5. Melky Cabrera (35%) to the Toronto Blue Jays for Max Pentecost

This is some serious speculation, as the Melk Man hasn’t been in many rumors. The Blue Jays seemingly need a corner outfielder though and don’t want a long term commitment. Enter 1 year of Melky. In return the Sox get a former first round pick at Catcher who has been slowed by injuries. Good Gamble for 1 year of Melky.

6. Miguel Gonzalez (25%) to the Seattle Mariners for Thomas Burrows

Holding onto Miguel Gonzalez doesn’t make much sense, the problem is the market isn’t ripe for #5 starters. Teams typically sign a 1 year deal with someone and try to get a Miguel Gonzalez of their own. In return the Sox get a guy with a 60 fastball and slider who, after being taught the cutter, could one day be a LOOGY or something.

7. Nate Jones (15%) to the New York Yankees for Miguel Andujar, Domingo Acevedo

I think the Sox are going to let Nate Jones close the first half of the year, prove he can do it, then flip him at the deadline with 4.5 years of control remaining. Much like Adam Eaton, I think people will be surprised at how much he nets, not realizing just how good he’s been. Nate has been better than D-Rob and is signed for 5 cheap years. The Yankees have proven they value a lockdown bullpen, so they are my theoretical trade partner here, as they don’t give a shit if Nate can close he is pitching the 7th. In return the Sox get the Yankees 7th and 8th prospects. Andujar is a 3B with plus power who is a few years away, and Acevedo is an 80 fastball guy with a  changeup and nothing else. Sounds like Coop is teaching him a cutter and he is our new Nate Jones.

8. Dan Jennings (10%) to the San Francisco Giants for Reyes Moronta

Jennings probably isn’t getting moved because he’s really just a nice bullpen depth piece, and those aren’t in high demand with all the Free Agents out there. But he certainly has some value, and the Giants bullpen could use a few arms, so lets say they trade for him. In return the Sox get a 70 fastball with control issues. We are just hoarding them.

9. Brett Lawrie (5%) to the Atlanta Braves for Lucas Herbert

Lawrie is just one huge ? right now so I can’t see him getting dealt. His attitude, performance and health are all total unknowns. However, there is still some potential there. Ill say the Braves decide its worth the gamble to stick him at 3B. In return the Sox get a defense first catcher to work with their young arms. Herbert can be the Winston Salem Dash’s catcher after Zack Collins departs and handle Kopech, Dunning, Hansen and more

So thats about it. A total fire sale. The 2017 White Sox would look like this

C- Omar Narvaez, Pedro Severino, Kevan Smith

1B- Matt Davidson

2B- Carlos Sanchez, Jake Peter

SS- Tim Anderson

3B- Tyler Saladino

LF- Jason Coats

CF- Charlie Tilson, Adam Engel

RF- Avi Garcia!!

DH- AJ Reed

  1. Carlos Rodon
  2. James Shields!!
  3. Free Agent Signing
  4. Free Agent Signing
  5. Chris Beck


Jake Petricka

Zach Putnam

Michael Ynoa

Juan Minaya

Tommy Khanle

Dylan Covey

Brian Clark

Here is the list of top 100 prospects and their MLB.com rank

  1. Yoan Moncada (#1)
  2. Lucas Giolito (3)
  3. Michael Kopech (30)
  4. Reynaldo Lopez (38)
  5. Kyle Tucker (50)
  6. Carson Fulmer (58)
  7. Ramiel Tapia (71)
  8. Zach Collins (80)
  9. Derek Fisher (83)
  10. Spencer Adams
  11. Zach Burdi
  12. Jordan Sheffield
  13. Miguel Andujar
  14. Domingo Acevedo
  15. Gavin Lux
  16. Ryan McMahon
  17. Kyle Freeland
  18. Luis Alexander Basbe
  19. Dane Dunning
  20. Alec Hansen

Yeah, thats 9 top 100 prospects, plus Tim Anderson and Carlos Rodon on the MLB squad. And then 11 more dudes of serious note. This would obviously be the #1 farm system in the MLB. Now, all 20 of these dudes won’t make it to the show, no shot, but just for fun, heres the 2019 White Sox with all these guys

C- Zach Collins, Pedro Severino

1B- AJ Reed

2B- Yoan Moncada

SS- Tim Anderson, Gavin Lux

3B- Miguel Andujar, Ryan McMahon

LF- Kyle Tucker

CF- Luis Alexander Basbe, Tim Anderson

RF- Ramiel Tapia

DH- Derek Fisher

  1. Lucas Giolito
  2. Carlos Rodon
  3. Michael Kopech
  4. Reynaldo Lopez
  5. Spencer Adams/Jordan Sheffield/Kyle Freeland/Dane Dunning


Zach Burdi

Alec Hansen

Domingo Acevedo

Carson Fulmer


Toss in the #12 pick in 2017 and the #1 overall pick Seth Beer in 2018 and this is downright unfair. The bad news is this ain’t how it works, most of these guys will never reach their potential. But thats not quite as big of a blow when you have 25 of them on the team. While it would be nice to have a couple real MLB players on the team next year and not go 1-161, completely scoring the earth would be pretty damn fun. Get to work Rick.