You heard it here first, folks. Jeff “.500” Fisher will be on the sidelines donning the Cleveland orange next season. There is absolutely no way in hell that the Browns win a game this year. They are @ Buffalo, home against San Diego and @ Pittsburgh. Best shot is against San Diego and Philip Rivers has a better chance of getting a vasectomy than losing that game. So at 0-16 you HAVE to fire your coach, no matter what. It is a league based on results and he would have coached his way into the history books for the wrong reasons. Hue Jackson, gonzo. Enter the only logical choice, Jeff Fisher. There is actually a decent amount of talent on that Cleveland team and I have been very vocal that they should not be winless. Fisher would have literally no expectations (seeing as the Browns will finish winless this year) and cannot disappoint when he inevitably wins 4-5 games next season. He will, once again, have the #1 overall pick and have his choice of a bevy of playmakers on both sides of the ball, specifically defense. There is no better situation for Fisher and honestly, the two are a match made in heaven. No one wants Fisher anymore and no one wants to coach the Browns.