The 12 Plays Of Christmas: College Football Edition6 min read

The 12 Plays Of Christmas: College Football Edition<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">6</span> min read</span>

Admittedly, the best is yet to come for college football, where hangovers clash with Heisman winners to become the most wonderful time of the year, bowl szn. That said, this was a WILD year for college football. Non stop drama in the B1G, dreams shattered in the SEC, and highway robbery by the fraud squad that is Washington. Now let’s cap off one of the more memorable college football seasons in history with what we at LMBF consider the top 12 plays of the year.

#12 Prequel to Friargate, CMU Beats OK State On A Blown Call

If you didn’t know, LMBF actually broke the news on the whole Fenwick thing so we’re kinda experts on untimed downs. Hack job by the refs for sure. The real injustice here was OK State not having the balls to take the NCAA to court. Pussies.

#11 JT Barrett Rushes For 1 Yard

This was hands down the most controversial play of typically the most controversial game in sports. In my neck of the woods, Michigan Men and Women were not pleased about the result of this game, to say the least. There’s been more conspiracy theories made out of this game than a pizzeria in Washington DC. Michigan may have had the better ingredients, but Ohio State had the better pizza.

#10 Janarion Grant Jukes Out 13 Guys On A Kickoff Return TO THE HOUSE

This may be the first time since football was invented that Rutgers has had a number before their name in a list but real recognizes real. This guy moves like a young Devin Hester once did. If the Bears don’t get relegated to the MAC, they should take a look at this kid.

#9 North Dakota State Exposes The Iowa Fraud-Eyes

I’m not necessarily an Iowa hater but their run last year was so bogus, it made me sick. Yes, Stanford did spank them like a petulant child in the Rose Bowl but this just HAS to be the final word on Iowa being frauds. Right?? (This isn’t exactly a play but I don’t see you writing a blog)



#8 Jarvion Franklin Puts The Hammer DOWN 

This is what power running does for you. With a half way decent line, you can guarantee 3 yards, very small chance for a turnover, and if you have a grown man named Jarvion Franklin on your team, at least one corpse on the other team. This is just so emblematic of the year that Western Michigan has had and what PJ Fleck has created there. Also, they probably have the best motto in college football now. Traditions like that don’t just happen overnight. ROW THE BOAT

#7 Jordan Lewis Caught Using Stickum, One Handed Pick Against Wisconsin

This was another one of those games that had major, long run implications and both teams brought the thunder. More polite circles might call it a defensive battle but it truly was. Both offenses couldn’t click like they had against lesser teams and struggled to adjust to adversity. Wilton Speight was thanking his lucky stars that his defense bailed him out from having to prove that he’s the guy and did they ever.

#6 Eddie Jackson Creates Carnage and 6 Points On A Punt Return Against Tennessee

Slice ’em, dice ’em, and entice ’em. Juke City, population Eddie Jackson. This was such an awesome return and was the exclamation point on Bama being untouchable this year. Not to mention that the door officially closed on Tennessee. Absolutely back breaking. I for one can’t wait for Alabama to draw and quarter Washington so this is just a little teaser.

#5 Tai’yon Devers Decapitates A Guy

This was such a bad ass tackle. Fuck. So good. It may not have the long term repercussions that other plays on this list may have but shit. Did you the way his head whipped back? So sweet.

#4 Trayveon Williams Humbles The Auburn Faithful on a 89 Yard Run

This was a week 3 game when the non-Alabama teams were all attempting to establish dominance over one another. Just an absolute gash by Williams and taking it all the way. God, I love inside runs.


Is Auburn perhaps the most overrated team in football, like in the technical sense? They have 4 fucking losses and are playing in the Sugar Bowl!!! What the hell! What 4 loss team makes such a big time bowl and is ranked 17 in the God damn country? Mark Emmert has to be banging Gus Malzahn’s wife, has to be.

#3 Youngstown State Bizarre Game-Winning Grab

This game typically would’ve flown under the radar for even the most fanatical football fan but had such an insane grab that it broke into our top 3. This game happened yesterday, as of writing this blog, and for whatever reason, the words “recency bias” keep popping up in my head. Irregardlessly, one of the weirder/impactful catches we’ve ever seen.

#2 Penn State Blocked FG Returned for TD Against Ohio State

The main reason that this is #2 is because we don’t want to go against the grain and give something to Penn State that they clearly deserve. This play in particular caused such a seismic shift in the college football universe that it’ll probably result in an expansion of the playoff system next year (I hope). An awesome play that ultimately did nothing to affect OSU in the long run. Reminds me of my boy, Sisyphus.

#1 Tennessee Hail Mary against UGA

This was such an intense ending to a game that defines the dirty south. At the time, Tennessee was a very likely David to the Crimson Tide’s Goliath and were ranked #11 going into this game. Georgia was a gentleman’s #25, playing in a conference where nearly every team is ranked (lol Vanderbilt). This was one of those games that promised to be exciting because both teams were fighting to prove themselves to a nation of doubters and the difference maker would be who wanted it more. With 57 seconds left in the 4th quarter, UGA QB Jacob Eason tosses a 47 yard TD to pull ahead by 3. After getting the ball back and driving down a ways, Joshua Dobbs chucks one up as time expires, winning the game and our list of the most memorable plays of 2016.


Let us know what you think of this list and be sure to follow us for more of the Top 12 Plays of Christmas for all your favorite sports!


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