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The Christmas season is in full swing and the New Year is soon to follow. 2016 has been an excellent year for the WWE. In light of LMBF’s 12 days of sports I will share my top 12 moments from the WWE in 2016.


12. AJ Styles ruthless attack on John Cena

Before the brand split fans were unsure how the two largest egos(Styles and Cena) would clash. They did not have to wait long to find out, as an immediate rivalry between Cena and Styles took over the WWE. The brand split also brought Anderson and Gallows back into the picture. In what looked like the beginning of an alliance between Cena and Styles quickly turned into a ruthless beat-down and a much anticipated Club reunion.

11. Seth Rollins Meets the Demon King

Seth Rollins returned to true form when faced with the opportunity to be the first ever WWE Universal Champion. Unfortunately for him there was a demon coveting the same prize. NXT fans were familiar withe the dark side of Finn Balor but on an episode of Raw the Demon King appeared assuring Rollins’ dreams would be much harder to achieve.

10. The Return of Luke Harper

The Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt rivalry was nothing short of unsettling. The backstage sabotage and eerie monologues made the match at No Mercy a must watch. Just as Randy was gearing up the finishing move, Luke Harper makes his grand return.

9. The Miz Calls Outs SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan

All WWE fans know that wrestling is about half of the entertainment. The story lines and promos add so much more to the overall performance. The best example of this was the rivalry that The Miz created on Talking Smack as he destroys his GM and adversary Daniel Bryan. Sources say this was completely off the cuff making The Miz that much more impressive. After watching this there is no way anyone can say the Miz doesn’t care about Wrestling.

8. Goldberg Destroys Brock Lesnar in a Convincing Fashion.

This match absolutely infuriated me but it was nothing short of impressive. If I was a Goldberg fan it would be much higher on the list. Hopefully the rematch lasts longer than a minute.

7. Heath Slater and Rhyno Win the Tag Team Title

What an electric moment. The most sought after free agent in sports entertainment, Heath Slater, finally got his contract and became a champ in the process. He’s got kids, He’s got a title, and now he’s got an above ground pool.

6. Jericho Falls Victim to the Asylum

The return and rise of Jericho has been nothing short of hilarious. But before he was putting anyone on the list he had to survive the Ambrose Asylum. As the match was agreed upon we knew that Jericho was going to take a beating but none of us imagine him getting dropped onto a pile of tacks. Twice….

5. Randy Orton Joins the Wyatt Family

It had been somewhat difficult for the Wyatt family as they were plagued by the injury bug. With Harper back in action they seemed to be on the rebound. Randy Orton becoming the final member solidified their dominance and helped put them in contention for the inevitable title opportunity.

4. Dean Ambrose Cashes In

After Dean Ambrose won his Money in the Bank match earlier in the night the entire WWE universe saw this cash in coming. That did not stop it from being a great one. He distracted the new champ with his entrance and performed a sneak attack. This moment easily crakcs the top five because every SHIELD member held the title at one point within a five minute span.

3. Shane McMahon’s Elbow Drop from the Top Rope

The WWE somewhat backed itself into a corner heading in to Wrestlemania. Luckily a budding rivalry between Shano and The Undertaker added some intrigue. In a match leading up to Wrestlemania Shane once again showed the universe that he was fearless and will do whatever it takes to get the crowd on its feet.

2. Roman Reigns is Eliminated from the Royal Rumble

 There was nothing quite worse than Roman Reigns holding the title. His wrestling was below average, his mic skills were pitiful and his finishers were overused. After returning from injury mid match at the Royal Rumble WWE fans feared the worst. Fortunatly after delivering a lackluster superman punch to eliminate Shemus, Triple H finished him off ending one of the worst title reigns in recent memory

1. Seth Rollins Returns!

Words cannot describe how happy this made me. After Reigns won the belt I immediately turned off my TV I did not find out until the next day that Rollins had returned after and beat the hell out of Reigns. Apparently Rollins was months ahead of schedule on his rehab and the timing could not have been any better.

To Conclude, the WWE brought the fans a lot of great material this year. It had some questionable title reigns but also some great heel turns. Let’s hope 2017 is even better.




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