Honestly screw these guys. You are gonna see a couple million of these tweets today, all pissed off because the NFL fined Odell Beckham when his cleats indirectly helped cure Cancer. You are supposed to be super mad about that, so make you sure to fire off your feet with a “WTF” and let us know the NFL stinks. Despite the fact you have never donated to cancer research, you can prove to us that you hate hate hate cancer by firing off a fucking tweet telling us so. Thats all that really matters. Your thumbs can cure this wretched disease, one sassy “WTF” at a time.

OR, maybe you realize the NFL has made it abundantly clear time and time again they do not tolerate this stuff, for any reason, and will fine you, no matter what the PR backlash is. Seriously, its been a theme of the year. NFL fines player, twitter gets all fake mad, forgets about it 12 hours later. Week after Week. After a certain point, don’t you get tired of being fake mad? I feel like you can only be fake mad for so long right?

If you do not adhere to their dress restrictions, the NFL is going to fine you!

Save the fake outrage and just use your head for once. Get over it dude, we get it, you hate cancer. Your tweets are going to be the ones that cure cancer, I just know it.