Power couple of the millennium. Tiger has finally made his return to professional golf and unleashed one of the greatest Christmas pictures we’ve seen in a while.

This dude is all the way back folks, and there is no stopping him. Donny is going to help him with his power drive and that’s game over. Expect multiple top 10 finishes this year. Trump, on the other hand, seems to be quite the golfer himself with a 2.8 handicap. And as we know he owns many golf courses and has a yuuuuuge drive. Should be an absolutely electric round of golf, we need cameras and Grandpa Verne on the call. I would pay large sums (the small amount I have in my bank account) to caddy for one of these guys. Just imagine the locker room talk going on during this round. Do not be surprised if Tiger talks his way onto the ticket for 2020 — as we all know, he can be quite persuasive.