Getting your own signature shoe is a kind of rite of passage for NBA players; it shows that the player has proven himself enough that his name alone can sell shoes. These custom shoes are normally reserved for the league superstars, but the players listed below have incredible agents, apparently. Let’s see what shoe companies decided to take a risk on these fairly forgettable players.

George Hill: Peak GH3

Peak: “Mr. Hill, here’s a final sketch of what your shoe is going to look like.”

George: “Great work, but you know what would make this perfect? Throw in “MONSTER” on the side, people love that shit.”


Rajon Rondo: Anta RR

“Moodiness and terrible attitude not included”

Luis Scola: Anta Diamond

“Wear these shoes, and you too, can run flat footed like Luis!”


Jamal Crawford: Brandblack J Crossover III

Nothing makes my feet feel more secure than an extra layer of leather around my ankle.

*Crawford left Brandback for Adidas this past year

Chandler Parsons: Anta Forwarder

“Buy these shoes and get a complimentary knee brace and ice pack!”