Hawks and Preds: Passing Clinic and Crow’s Heads Up Plays2 min read

Hawks and Preds: Passing Clinic and Crow’s Heads Up Plays<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

The Chicago Blackhawks took on the Nashville Predators tonight and it was not a disappointing game. Crawford is back in net again and was making phenomenal saves that normally would’ve eaten him up. However, Crawford came up strong allowing only two tough goals and walking away with a win.

The Hawks defense had a few mix ups tonight, missing line changes and missing a few chances to clear the puck which could have cost the Hawks but luckily, didn’t.

On the offensive side, Chicago put on a puck passing clinic, the whole team included but particularly Kane and Panarin. Yes, I talk about them a lot. But, remember, they have proven that they do have the greatest impact on the team’s performance. Their passing tonight, was pretty insane, launching tape to tape passes across ice and through traffic, turning the Preds defense inside out as they couldn’t keep track of which direction the puck was going and to whom. During the second period with about six minutes left was one of the best examples of passing I’ve seen the Hawks put on in a long time.

Netminder Corey Crawford became a little upset with the Nashville forwards and took matters into his own hands. Utilizing the goalie’s right to the blue paint, he drew a penalty against Preds’ Drew Smith and got the Hawks a power play, resulting in their second power play goal of the night, tying the game at 2-2 with nine minutes left to go in the third. A heads up play like that from Crawford helped his team come back and showed his own knowledge of the rules while using them to his and his team’s advantage. I’m not a fan of divers, but in a situation like that, it’s the hockey equivalent of leaning into a pitch to get a man on base: it’s a smart play that can pay off big for your team.

Chicago came away with the win against Nashville, scoring the game-winner in the third period with Kane getting the GWG. The Hawks take on the Hurricanes tomorrow night in Carolina.


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