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Word on the street is that some folks in the lesser conferences are grumbling about not having a shot at the College Football Playoffs. Teams like Toledo, Boise State, or I don’t know, Western Michigan, could go undefeated and they won’t even sniff the top 15 rankings, let along an honest shot at the playoffs. The problem is that there are just too many teams for 4 playoff slots to adequately represent the best teams in the country. For God’s sake, there’s 5 POWER conferences. So if the mighty MAC and the gang want to break off and do their own thing, more power to them. It would only serve to legitimize post-season football for another 50 or so teams and you’d see star players take bowls seriously again. The fact of the matter is that although there is A LOT of money in college football, there isn’t enough to keep 100+ teams relevant to a nation-wide playoff system, not to mention competing with the NFL for that blood, sweat, and concussions tears money. FCS, DII, and DIII have adapted to not having the same money as the Power 5 and their systems are far superior. FCS playoffs are much more like NFL style playoffs, not some half-assed cash grab of 3 teams and Alabama competing for a championship. Ideally, the NCAA would expand their playoffs to 8 teams (to encompass all the conference champs) and the Group of 5 would get their own Toilet Bowl*. Everyone’s happy.


*I wholly believe that Western Michigan would not only cover but also beat Washington. Maybe by double digits at a neutral location.