The greatest event in sports entertainment is less than a month away as the entire WWE universe breaks out in a YES! YES! YES! For those who do not follow, the Royal rumble is a 30 man free for all in the ring starting with 2 and adding a wrestler every 2 minutes. A wrestler is eliminated if they are thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the ground.  The prize? A guaranteed title match at Wrestlemania. The following are my thoughts in comparison to the favorites.


The Undertaker 3/1 odds

The Undertaker is a staple of Wrestlemania and his “almost” perfect record is a prime example of it. A win at the Royal Rumble would solidify his place in a huge match. I’m not buying this hype though. From all accounts the Taker is in pretty bad shape but this could be part of a comeback story-line. If he were to win he’d be put up against Kevin Owens which is a match that does not draw a good reaction.

Expected Entrance Number: 29

Number of Eliminations : 1

Notable Elimination: Braun Stroman


Chris Jericho 3/1 odds

This match-up is intriguing due to his relationship with Kevin Owens. The supposed best friends would be tested if Jericho would win. The Raw show has been nothing short of disappointing lately but Jericho has been excellent. Despite this, I find it hard to believe that the WWE would limit their Wrestlemania headline to one story- line within their struggling show. Jericho is great shape but he will probably have to come in late in order be able to last for a victory.

Expected Entrance Number: 18

Number of Eliminations 4

Notable Elimination : Kevin Owens (on accident)


Finn Balor 5/1 odds

Finn is my pick to win the whole thing. He was forced to abdicate his belt due to injury. What better way to make a return than at the Royal Rumble? With a win he is assured his already guaranteed rematch against Owens. There will be no better hype for Wrestlemania than the Demon King looking for his revenge.

Expected Entrance Number: 30

Number of eliminations :2

Notable Elimination: Undertaker


Stay tuned for the corresponding drinking game!