When People Get Up In The Morning, What Do They Think?1 min read

When People Get Up In The Morning, What Do They Think?<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

I feel like this is a very common question posed by people daily, “what is that person thinking?” If you are a resident of any of the larger cities in the country (or World since LMBF has been read in over 70 countries) you definitely ask yourself this daily. Today I as I was boarding my flight from Newark to Chicago, I spotted a woman sitting in first class wearing a hat and matching shirt that said, “Gypsy Woman” with the number 69 below it. What is this chick thinking? Do people really wake up in the morning and think, this is totally the perfect day for me to wear #69 Gypsy Woman outfit, as I stroll through two of the busiest airports in the country traveling from the biggest metropolitan area to another one. Absolutely mind-blowing. I constantly wonder how/why people dress certain ways when they know they’re going out in public later! I’m totally fine with people wearing whatever the hell they please wherever they wish to, but don’t give me a fucking look when I come up and ask you about the significance of Gypsy Woman and the number 69. All of a sudden, the tables turn and I’m the asshole for being curious? Outrageous. This should be a rule of humanity or a law of some sort that if you wear something out of the norm, I and anyone else are allowed to come up and ask your thought process this morning when you dressed yourself.


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