This is definitely an unpopular opinion, but I really don’t think 2016 was that awful. Sure, I might be a little biased because I personally had a pretty decent year with graduating college and starting this beauty of a blog (humble brag). But let’s take a look at what happened this year that helps me believe 2016 wasn’t the “worst year ever”.

  • Villanova who won today at #10 Creighton completed the greatest calendar year in the history of college basketball. The year was obviously highlighted by their National Championship win over North Carolina where Kris Jenkins hit one of the most iconic shots in the history of the tourney. GQ Jay has the Cats cookin’ again in 2016-17 and oh yeah, Seton Hall is still the last team to beat them. #RIPBigEastHaters
  • Speaking of Seton Hall, the Pirates took down Nova at Madison Square Garden to take home their first Big East Tournament title since I was born. Unbelievable game and season for the Pirates — again, this was more of a personal reasoning, but let’s continue.
  • LeBron James finally delivered the ever-elusive Championship to Believeland as the Cavs overcame a 3-1 deficit to the Warriors in the NBA Finals. The series capped off an already impressive career for LeBron and while I hate giving him credit, he is the reason they won. However, James wasn’t the only star as the internet rehashed their love affair with sharp-shooter JR Smith as he went shirtless for what seemed like 3 months.
  • Speaking of 3-1 leads, the Chicago Cubs are World Champs! Still feels surreal to say, but the Cubs also came back from a 3-1 lead to defeat the Cleveland Indians (yes, LeBron was in the crowd for Game 7) in extra innings. The Cubs win has been covered extensively around the world, but more importantly on LMBF so I will stop here.
  • Saturdays Are For The Boys was born. Guy or girl. Old or young. No matter who you are and where you live, you gotta admit that SAFTB was the highlight of your week, especially on snapchat. The wild antics of “The Boys” made for an awesome mixture of people doing stupid shit and wildly cool ways to consume adult beverages. Thank you, John Feitelberg. Sincerely.
  • Coach O was finally given a full-time head coaching gig, after his 2nd stint as an interim. He threw the whole house at LSU by naming his days of the week, my personal favorite being “Tell The Truth Mondays”.
  • Music as a whole had an incredible year. From Drake dominating the world to the emergence of new artists like Travis Scott, the music industry had a monster year. 
  • The Notorious Conor McGregor had a mammoth of a 2016 raking in the cash and absolutely crushing competition (sans Nate Diaz). Huge year to be Irish. 
  • Russell Wilson had sex. 
  • Leo won an Oscar. 
  • Tiger Woods is back. 
  • And lastly, the United States absolutely dominated the Rio Olympics through all the shit (literally) that surrounded the Games. And it actually went really well, nothing really awful that happened. 

Yes, I know there have been a plethora of celebrity deaths this year and it sucks, but life goes on folks. Let’s look at the positives because there were a bunch. Happy New Year, folks.