Each and every fall we are graced on weekends with football. The NFL gives us (now) Thursday, Sunday, and Monday to watch the game we all know and love. However, there are only two primetime games each week and that is Sunday Night and Monday Night. If you even try to argue that Thursday Night is a primetime game, please just leave. My questions while watching the final week of the regular season were: Is there really a need for both? And, which is more prestigious?

There are a few pieces to each of those questions so let’s dive into which is more prestigious first. For the longest time, MNF was on ABC and it was a big deal. In the mid-2000s ESPN got the game and effectively toned it down, making it less of a show than it was previously. 535579460_1280x720SNF gets the full attention of every football fan gasping for one more breath of their weekend before the daunted work/school week began again. It is the culmination of a great day and the perfect way to end everyone’s weekend. In my head, when the pre-show to your game is called “Football Night in America” you easily have the upper-hand. I am also highly against MNF because I just do not like ESPN as a whole. Yes, they have Jon Gruden, one of the ultimate football guys in the World. But even that AND the fact that Colinsworth is a bum is not enough to take away anything from SNF.

The other question is focused around is there a need for both, and I am in the firm belief that High School football is on Fridays, College is Saturdays and Pros are on Sundays. There should be no deviation¬†until the culmination of the other level’s season happens. 607170693_1280x718SNF in my mind is the end-all, be-all of the football World and should always be treated as such. I don’t know why, but I absolutely love NBC’s broadcast. Al Michaels is one of the all-time greats, the instrumental music they have and now the bangin’ intro from the flawless Carrie Underwood. Take a seat MNF, Sunday is the true king of primetime football.