This vine is perfect. You know how people say “lol”, but in reality they just kinda merely chuckled to themselves? I straight up lol’d when I saw this vine. Just a loud “hahahaha” in front of my family. This vine is too much. Its 6 seconds of pure gold. Here’s the best screen grabs


The coach pointing at him is priceless. Also love that bench guy giving the damn visual to “put your arms up” to an NBA player. He has to show him how to stick his damn arms up, just amazing.


hahahhahhaahhaahha. Its like he’s checking out his own arm like “Holy shit I’m a monster”. Just staring at his own arm in amazement of his new powers. I love it.


Boban getting his Perry’s stage at Lollapalooza on. Just jumping up and down like its a Calvin Harris set. God damn it I love this vine.

P.S:Β in the course of Googling a photo for the header I discovered Boban’s hands are a “thing”. Like the top google result after his name is “Hands”. Check out these monsters.