In week 3 the Patriots put on a show against the top ranked Houston Texans defense. They pounded them 27-0 with backup-backup QB Jacoby Brissett leading the charge. Sure, teams mature and grow throughout the year, but I don’t think anyone outside of the Texas border honestly believes they have a shot against the Pats.

Well, this morning on a local Boston radio show, WEEI’s “Kirk and Callahan”, the ever pliable Tom Brady made some statements that essentially legitimatize the Texan’s shot at toppling the Pats. He stated: “It really doesn’t matter last time we played them or last year because things change so much with the game and a game plan and players. Coach talks about all the time, it’s not who you play, it’s how you play. We need to play well. When you look at games like earlier in the season against them, we played well. We shut them out. We did a lot of things that are winning football. We talked about that over the course of the whole season, but none of that stuff really matters if we don’t do that this week. You put together the process and the winning formula and you need to go out an execute it. If you don’t execute it, you lose.”

Tommy Brady is most definitely taking the “I’m going to play dumb to the media so that everyone likes me stance”, but I think that he is utterly bullshitting. I’m sure later today at a Pat’s film session teammates will take some friendly jabs at him saying stuff like “Tom, everyone knows you were lying this morning. What’s the point man? It’s just downright mean”, or “Did you make those statements so more idiots will take the Texans at +16?”. Tom was obviously trolling. There is no way in hell that the Osweiler led Texans will do ANYTHING against the Super Bowl favorite Patriots. Props to you Tom Brady. You just single-handedly gave hope to all the delusional Texans fans out there and gave a laugh to the rest of America.

Big Hank’s prediction: Pats 87 – Texans 2. Jacoby Brissett is going to play the entire second half and Clowney is going to dump him in the end zone for a safety.


Check out this video of high school Clowney absolutely MAULING the competition… Sad!