The Voice of Fox

2016 was a great year for Joe Buck. The long-time Fox broadcaster found himself calling the Cubs’ historic World Series run and released his memoir in November. Sports fans discovered a newfound respect for Buck after he revealed his lengthy battle with an addiction to hair plugs, which nearly cost him his voice in 2011. He has carried Fox’s Sunday NFL broadcasts with Troy Aikman for years, including calling¬†the network’s primetime playoff match-ups. Now, it’s time for a change.

Buck has caught flak the past few seasons for his overly-appreciative coverage of Aaron Rodgers when calling Packers’ contests. While some of this criticism certainly comes from bitter Bears fans on social media, much of it is justified when listening to Buck’s broadcasts. Today’s coverage of the Cowboys and Packers Division Round match¬†is no exception. Rodgers was routinely “brilliant,” according to Buck, especially when making plays that any decent NFL quarterback should make. The Packers’ quarterback did, in fact, play very well, keeping plays alive with his legs and making several difficult throws. However, Buck’s praise for Rodgers was excessive and exaggerated, which left fans sick of listening to Fox’s coverage of one of the best games of the season.

Frankly, it also took away from the efforts of several of Rodgers’ teammates. Jared Cook’s exceptional catch to set up the game-winning field goal received little love from Buck compared to Aaron Rodgers’ scramble and throw on the run. Mason Crosby’s game-winner from 51 yards out gives us another weekend of Packers football – and another opportunity to hear Joe Buck. Let’s hope that his love for the chief Cheesehead is a little less obnoxious next time. Otherwise, there’s always the mute button.