Well this was a pretty heartwarming start to my week to say the least. While there is virtually no chance he plays professional hockey again, it is great to see him going for it. In case you forgot, this past November he was diagnosed with MS after years of all sorts of issues. I’m not gonna lie, watching Bickell during his final years with the Hawks was frustrating. Continual streaks of terrible performance followed by reports of one of a variety of issues. First it was vertigo via tooth infection, then it was “vestibular issues”, and then we all finally learned of the MS diagnosis. One thing that comes to mind is how incredibly hard this must be on his family. Being a player that had his periodic stints in Rockford, it must’ve been hard on his family and then to pile on all of these health issues is absolutely tragic. To train your whole life, finally get to the ultimate point and then have it all taken away while getting blasted by your entire fanbase for your performance is disheartening to say the least, but that is what makes today’s news even sweeter. You gotta love the guy for still going out there and working to get back to doing what he loves. Like I said, the chances some team takes a chance on him are incredibly slim, but at the very least you’d love to see him finish this season out on the ice getting garbage minutes in meaningless games rather than watching from the press box.