After Creighton’s announced cancellation of a second consecutive ‘ice day’ due to a storm that never was, I arrived home from work to a house full of my partying peers. I ate a stuffed chicken breast from my neighborhood Hy-Vee and made the conscious decision to spend the night at my girlfriend’s place. I wanted to avoid being “that guy” and kicking everyone out when the night was still young just so I could get a good eight hours in before braving the elements to be the first one to work for the second consecutive day. I did the dishes before I left as well, further establishing myself as roommate of the week/house breadwinner.

Upon being greeted by my girlfriend at the gate to her apartment, she let me know that I had the privilege of watching The Bachelor with her roommate and a couple friends. I laughed nervously, but the ‘just kidding’ I so badly wished to hear never came. I plopped down, put some headphones in, and hoped to waste the next hour on my phone. Lucky for me, I have one of those phones that dies anywhere from forty to sixty percent battery remaining and will not turn back on unless plugged in for – at the very least – ten minutes. I could hardly believe it. Just a week to the day after watching one of the most entertaining college football games in recent memory, I was reduced to  viewing attention-starved twenty-somethings launch their reality television careers.

Or so I thought.

Fortunately for me, my eyes glazed over as I lost interest in record time. My mind began to wander, and I thought back to an idea for a blog that I never got around to writing. It would have sounded something like this: Crown Alabama national champions and let 2-5 duke it out for second place. I am glad to say that would have wound up to be a colossal failure. After Army’s first victory over the Naval Academy in fifteen years officially ended college football’s regular season, I came up with my own top 6 CFP rankings. Here they are.

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Penn State
  4. Washington
  5. Ohio State
  6. Oklahoma

Alabama had been world-beaters to that point, and the yearly ‘Can they beat the Browns?’ discussion was gaining ground. I did not believe Clemson was the second best team in the nation at that juncture, but after winning the ACC title and only losing to a surprisingly formidable Pittsburgh squad, they were more deserving of any other team of the two spot. I hate Ohio State and Urban Meyer, and no team that was not a conference champion should be included in the College Football Playoff.

I also think that the winners of the Big 12, Big 10, ACC, Big East, and Pac 12 conference basketball tournaments should be the top seeds (4 one seeds and a 2 seed) in the NCAA Tournament, but that is a debate for another day. Back to my rationale…

Penn State lost the Rose Bowl to USC on a legendary quarterback performance from Sam Darnold, which in hindsight weakened their case for inclusion in the College Football Playoff, but it is not a stretch to claim that they could have put up a better performance than did Ohio State against Clemson. Washington won the Pac 12, losing only to USC, so they were fine at 4 in my book. Nobody was going to beat Bama in a semifinal.

the Ohio State Buckeyes and Oklahoma Sooners round out my top six. As if we did not get enough great contests this season, thinking back I would have really liked to see a rematch between Oklahoma and Ohio State in a first-two-out bowl game. Given Ohio State’s embarrassing performance in the CFP Semifinal against Clemson and Oklahoma’s handling of Auburn, there is an argument to be made that sports fans should have been treated to this matchup.

Imagine, a Buckeye team that felt they were snubbed for a playoff spot being forced to play a Sooner squad they had dismantled in prime time in Norman early in the year. Talk about bulletin board material. That mid-September game dropped the Sooners to 1-2, but kudos to OU for challenging themselves early in the season in an attempt to make up for the Big 12 not having a conference title game. All Oklahoma did after that contest was run wild on opponents for the rest of the year while Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook torched defenses to become the first teammates named Heisman finalists in twelve seasons. A one-loss Ohio State with a chip on their shoulder against the best bounce back team in the nation would have been quite the treat indeed.

I could have not predicted that the prospect of watching garbage TV would spur me to release my indictment of the College Football Playoff Committee, but I waited too long. I will not stop missing college football.

photo credit: keithcavey Stars & Stripes at Sunset via photopin (license)