Cheers to the Royal Rumble Drinking Game

Those who follow the blog know my obsession with Stone Cold Steve Austin. What endeared him to so many fans was his ability to combine the excitement of wrestling with the delight of a cold beer. On January 29th you too can be like Stone Cold as you participate in the greatest drinking game ever invented, The Royal Rumble drinking game. In order to properly play the game one must fully understand the rules of the Royal Rumble.

Rules of the Rumble

The rules of the match itself are rather simple. One man begins alone in the ring and every 90 seconds another wrestler enters. 30 wrestlers compete in total and they are numbered 1-30 based on the order in which they arrive.   The only way to eliminate a wrestler is to throw him over the top rope, causing BOTH feet to touch the ground. Theoretically speaking there can be 30 wrestlers in the ring at once! Last man standing after 29 eliminations is the Royal Rumble Champion. The Champ is then guaranteed a title match  at Wrestlemania.

Cheers to the Royal Rumble Drinking Game 1

Great… So When do we get to Drink?

I’m glad you asked voice in my head (shout out to Randy Orton).

  1. First you must empty a 30 rack of your finest light beers.
  2. Turn them upside down and number them 1-30.
  3. Turn them back up and jumble the pile.
  4. Distribute the beers evenly among all participants ( 5-6 players works the best)
  5. Once you have your beers check the numbers on the bottom. Each numbered beer will correspond with a wrestler. For example if R-truth arrives second, he belongs to the player with beer number two.
  6. When the rumble begins and a wrestler is eliminated the corresponding number has to slam their beer. For example if the number 4 wrestler is thrown over the top rope the person holding beer number 4 must slam their beer.
  7. Repeat until the royal rumble is complete.
  8. Since the Royal Rumble ends with a winner, the holder of the winning number may give that beer to someone else or  simply Stone Cold that bad boy.

Cheers to the Royal Rumble Drinking Game 2

Why is this so Fun?

Well for starters no one knows which wrestler will correspond with a particular number. There is nothing worse,or better, than holding on to a beer  that corresponds with a jobber or gimmick wrestler. It is also important to know that getting a smaller number does not doom one to constant chugging as that wrestler could go the distance. If done correctly each player besides the winner will chug about 5-6 beers within the half hour match.


Regardless of your thoughts on wrestling, I highly encourage all to participate in this once a year event. There is nothing quite like cheering on a wrestler you just became a fan of 10 seconds prior. So sit back, crack that first beer, and pray to God that your first wrestler is not a masked luchador.


Nick Anton

The next Paul Heyman if Law School works out.

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