If this isn’t the most Silicon Valley thing you’ve ever seen, then you’re probably Gavin Belson. And you know all the absurdly rich people in this crowd just loved it. The Warriors franchise just gets more hateable by the day. When they officially move to San Francisco, I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach seeing a bunch of tech millionaires sitting in their $1000 seats, barely paying attention to the most talented team in basketball, a team that the true fans in Oakland would KILL to see, but can’t afford anymore.

Oakland deserves so much better; they’ve proven they are an absolutely incredible sports city with how passionate they have been for their Raiders (RIP) and their Warriors, both of which don’t seem to care. The 2006-2007 “We Believe” Warriors, featuring the likes of Baron Davis and Monta Ellis, had an electrifying home atmosphere during their magical playoff run, in which they managed to knock off the top seeded Mavericks. That type of team is now gone forever, and ownership is completely OK with that, but it’s a damn shame for the diehard fans that have seen this franchise grow from the Warriors that had the longest streak of seasons without a playoff appearance (12), to the greatest combination of talent this league has ever seen.