#FireAlarmGate Doesn’t Deserve to be a #Gate2 min read

#FireAlarmGate Doesn’t Deserve to be a #Gate<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

A 25-year-old Boston man pulled the fire alarm at the Steelers hotel early this morning – and with it, pulled the lever on the annual outrage engine about a Patriots “controversy”.

Look, as a Pats fan I’m realistic about the team’s mildly checkered history and resulting perception across the league: #SpyGate (fair enough), #FormationGate (legal), #HeadsetGate (false) #DeflateGate (blatantly false plus total disregard for science). Each of these, with a yuge assist from the dishonest media – sad! – has crafted an image of the Patriots as the NFL’s rule-bending/breaking bad boys. Going to six straight AFC Championship Games, and 11 of the last 16, doesn’t help, either. Winning breeds contempt.

So when something like this happens the morning of the Bill Belicheck Super Bowl Play-In Game , of course it’s going to garner attention. Of course the media is going to pounce on it (it’s currently the #1 story on ESPN.com). Of course it’s going to get tagged with a totally original name.

But this is not a #Gate. This is disrespectful to every other Patriots’ #Gate, even #DeflateGate, which itself was wildly disrespectful to every fan’s intelligence. This is just some hammered Masshole who figured out what hotel the Steelers were at, and then was stupid enough to be found walking around the hotel when fire and police showed up. It’s more reminiscent of a few years ago, when the national media decided to hold all of Boston accountable for a few hundred Twitter eggs who posted abhorrent, racist tweets about P.K. Subban.

The point is, Patriots fans have come to embrace our #Gates. #FormationGate, #HeadsetGate and #DeflateGate were all attempts to railroad and delegitimize the prolonged excellence of Brady and Belicheck – because, people figured, there had to be some illegitimate explanation. At this point, we wear #Gates like a badge of honor.

#FireAlarmGate is just lazy.


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