As the Bulls are Self-Combusting, Rondo Decides to Throw in his 2 Cents, Because Of Course He Did2 min read

As the Bulls are Self-Combusting, Rondo Decides to Throw in his 2 Cents, Because Of Course He Did<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Everyone needs to chill out here, the Bulls are 1 game under .500 and barely hanging onto the 8th seed. In other words, exactly who we thought they were.   It’s not a lack of effort that’s losing them games, it’s a dearth of actual basketball talent outside of Jimmy and (sometimes) Wade. 

It’s funny that Dwyane called out players for not caring, the same guy who pouts after any call that doesn’t go his way, leaving his team to defend 4 on 5. And Rondo chiming in here from the clouds is just the cherry on top.

In that post that absolutely no one asked for, Rondo mentioned that after a loss with the Celtics “you could hear a pin drop on the bus”, well no shit dude you played with Kevin Garnett, if you didn’t absolutely devote your life to the game of basketball he would verbally undress you until you questioned your own existence on this Earth. Just ask Patrick O’Bryant. Oh, and you also had Paul Pierce, who if I remember correctly, was stabbed 11 times, and then decided to start all 82 games that season. So yes, those vets never went to the media.

But let’s get back on track here, the consensus about exactly whom Wade and Butler were referring to was mostly Niko Mirotic, and understandably so. He has improved quite literally no aspects of his game since entering the NBA, and takes ill-advised 25 footers in every game. But no! Apparently they were also referring to Michael Carter-Williams, who did not see the floor last night against the Hawks.

MCW is just getting caught in the crossfire here. Fred gave him a DNP and he still managed to get shit on.

But while our best players hash it out in passive aggressive social media posts, there’s an easy fix here; ship Rondo to any team that even stays on the line when you offer him in a trade. Give him to Cleveland, I do not care. I will hand deliver him to the Cavaliers if they give the Bulls a buy one get one free weekend pass to Cedar Rapids. 

Then secondly, fire GarPax, not Fred Hoiberg. There is no reason to have expected anything more from this team, and I honestly appreciate that he’s been willing to experiment with different lineups, and guys like Felicio and Zipser have benefited from it. Fred was given a crap hand, and he’s done fine with it, but Paxson and Forman need be held accountable. They hired a guy that wanted to play pace and space basketball while at the same time built a roster with guys that can’t shoot and need the ball in their hands to be successful.

I said before the season, I liked the Wade move, even though I knew it wouldn’t work. It was interesting at least, and it hasn’t disappointed.


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