Lane Kiffin and FAU Football dropped one of the most enticing, enthusiastic and hopeful pre-signing day videos we have ever seen today. Wow, just wow. What a cinematic masterpiece right there. Kiffin looked like he would rather be anywhere but filming that video. He looked like every college kid home for Thanksgiving break that goes way too hard on Black Wednesday only to be woken up at 8 am in a cold sweat because they have to go to a relative’s house. Hand up, we’ve all been there once or twice before, I know I have. As of writing this blog, FAU’s twitter account has actually deleted the video. What a shame. That video got me fired up and ready to run through a brick wall for that man. So much swagger, so much charisma. You can literally feel the electricity with every word Lane says and truly feel his passion for Owl Football. He left me at my desk just wishing I had some eligibility left.