I really don’t feel like getting sued by the No Fun League for saying S****B*** so I’ll oblige Roger’s nonsense and call it “The Big Game”. Final betting picks of the year are below, I’ve added a few prop bets, so let’s have some fun with it.


  • Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots -3

No matter how I look at this game, I cannot find a way where my brain says Atlanta wins. Tom and Bill are just too damn good and as I mentioned in the Let Me B-Frank Podcast this week, Dan Quinn will be coaching his first game against Belichick on Sunday, coaches are 3-22 all-time in that situation. Yes, Matt Ryan has been incredibly and he will be the “x-factor” in this game. If he can find a way to put up points, Atlanta has a shot, but they will need 30+ to win and I really don’t see that happening.

  • Coin Toss: Tails

I don’t think I really need to give a reason on why when we all know that tails never fails.

  • National Anthem: OVER 1:58

Absolutely love the over here, Luke Bryan is singing and I saw him live a few years back, the guy can and will take his time. Hold those notes when the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, hell he may even pull a page from Jim Cornelison’s book and point at the flag when our flag was still there.

  • Lady Gaga Songs: Edge of Glory (10/1 odds)

There is absolutely no fucking way she sings on the roof of a stadium during “The Big Game” at halftime and doesn’t sing Edge of Glory. Forget that it’s one of her most well-known songs, one of these teams is literally on the edge of glory, the symbolism is right there. Maybe it’s too obvious of a choice, but for those odds, I may go two units.