The Hawks take on the Coyotes tonight in Glendale. Chicago has been on a three-game losing streak, practically non-existent in the third period. Their defense shuts down and their offense grabs some pine like the other spectators in the arena. They’ve given up 13 points in 3 games and have only scored 6.

The defense has to show up and the offense has to continue through all periods. Plain and simple. If the Hawks keep giving up goals like they are and playing tired third-period hockey like they have been, they are going to have a very rough road to the playoffs, if they get there.

Toews has started to pick up his game, tallying 2 goals and 3 assists in the last 5 games, but it hasn’t been enough for the Hawks. Kane and Panarin have both been contributing, as have Panik and other newbies to the team, but they don’t seem to be able to come together as a team. There’s been a lot of dump and chase because the offense has been having a tough time getting passed the opposing blue line. The offense hasn’t been able to put enough together and keep it consistent. Every team has droughts here and there and losses happen every season. But there are patterns in gameplay that haven’t been working that are continuing to be used in each game and it’s starting to cost the Hawks.

They need to come together. They have been flat not only in the third period but in their last few games, unable to get much started. Hopefully tonight against Arizona they complete passes and get the offense to catch fire like it has in the past. The Hawks need to create some momentum. At the very least, the defense has to show up for the third period because that’s where they’ve lost most of their games.