Seth Rollins Out With Another Knee Injury2 min read

Seth Rollins Out With Another Knee Injury<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

The nightmare continues for the most talented man on the roster. Seth Rollins will miss a substantial amount of time and possibly Wrestlemania due to the re-injuring of his knee. There’s a lot that led up to this so I will break it down piece by piece.

The First Injury

On November 4th, 2015 Seth Rollins tore multiple ligaments in his leg. This devastating event prompted the first every LMBF article (Here). I warned Rollins, who is an avid LMBF reader, that he should wait until he is completely healthy and not to rush back. In an unexpected fashion, Rollins returned to Extreme Rules months ahead of schedule. Shockingly enough the WWE was hesitant to give him big title shots, which by now we can assume was because he was not 100%.

Current Rivalry with Triple H

Haven’t we seen this before? A top level talent starts getting jerked around by Triple H and the establishment a few months before Wrestlemania. It’s starting to get obnoxious and dangerous yielding no positive outcome for anyone but Hunter. For starters the build up has to happen completely out of the ring making Wrestlemania the only time Rollins and Triple H would have faced off. The reason for the in-ring build up is so both wrestlers can understand each other and work out the kinks. I give Goldberg a lot of guff about his tactics but at least he gets in the ring from time to time. Triple H only wrestles at Wrestlemania and in the meantime uses other tactics to build the rivalry.This time it was an ambush by Samoa Joe. ¬†I am not blaming Joe at all for this accident I am more mad at Triple H for not building up his rivalries in the ring by himself.

Samoa Joe’s Reaction

The only positive to come out of this is how well Samoa Joe handled the critics in the tweet above. Joe caught some huge heat, but did he apologize? Hell no, he stayed in character as if it were his intention to hurt Rollins. This made the whole WWE Universe collectively wonder if the injury was real or not. Well done Joe, but I expected nothing less from such a savvy vet.


Is Rollins injury any one person’s fault specifically? No. Rollins should not have returned for another month or two, Triple H should be in the ring if he wants to wrestle, and Samoa Joe should have been more careful. The WWE as a collective dropped the ball on this one. All we can hope for now is a speedy and APPROPRIATE recovery. I can live with another another weak Wrestlemania without Rollins in exchange for a healthy rest of his career.


In the meantime I have a suggestion for who Triple H should face at Wrestlemania…


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