Is There Anything More Overrated Than The Shamrock Shake?

It’s that time of year again, when McDonald’s rolls out their famous St. Patrick’s Day drink, the Shamrock Shake. And every year the craze over the Shamrock Shake absolutely astounds me. I have not now, nor will I ever understand it. The shake is so sub-par and the mix of chocolate and mint just doesn’t do it for me. Sure, the green look is awesome and it is really great for us Irish folk to have a specialty (non-alcoholic) drink for our favorite time of year, but dammit couldn’t we do a little better? The Irish deserve it. To go even further, in comparison to other fast food establishment’s ice creams/shakes, it could be one of the worst. Obviously Wendy’s frosty reigns supreme. No arguing this, the frosty is the greatest there is. For us Midwestern folk, the Portillo’s cake shake is a divine treat sent from Mr. Portillo himself, we also have the Culver’s concrete mixer shakes, which are delicious. For non-Midwesterners, Shake Shack — while expensive — makes a damn good shake that is leaps and bounds ahead of the Shamrock Shake. I’ve only been the the west coast once (twice if you count Vegas) so I have no clue what they got out there but I can only assume it would be better. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. There are dozens, upon dozens of better options out there for everyone. If you’d like to be disappointed after a ton of hype, try a Shamrock Shake on your way to watch Suicide Squad.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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