It was reported earlier in the week that Barclays Center – home to the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Islanders – could be preparing for a future that only includes hosting one team starting in 2019. And it isn’t the Isles.

After ditching Long Island in favor of Brooklyn, the Islanders could be without a home. A homeless professional sports franchise. We’ve seen this before with the New Orleans Hornets playing in Oklahoma City prior Hurricane Katrina, but this is the result of bad planning. Barclays Center has a car in the corner, a jumbotron that doesn’t sit over center ice for NHL games, some of the poorest ice in the league, and several obstructed seats for hockey. It very easily could have been made to host hockey, but that wasn’t in the plans.

Now, let’s take a step back for a brief minute before we really get excited. The arena knows very well this is the Islanders’ only desired local stadium that has already been built, so they have leverage from a business perspective. However, if they truly think their business is better off without the Isles, the governor of Connecticut is planning to step up in an effort to give the team a home.


Let’s make this happen. Absolutely on board.

Our hockey podcast Go With The Flow (@GWTFpodcast) started using ‘Brass Bonanza’, so you know the hockey guys here are all about bring back the Whale.

I am neither from the state of Connecticut nor am I familiar with Governor Malloy’s work, but that’s a damn good sales pitch if I’ve ever seen one. A move after next season would leave a year of limbo for the Islanders in their home state which would be pretty awkward. There’s been talk of a new stadium in Queens potentially being organized. All I know here is that there’s a very small chance Barclays Center actually doesn’t want the Islanders sharing their arena and would leave New York even for an interim basis, but a chance is all hockey fans can ask for to see those gorgeous Whalers jerseys in use once again for a little bit, even if it would mean seeing a franchise home to one of the greatest dynasties ever go away for a bit.