Day: February 7, 2017

Crippling Materialism Failed Us All: Commercials During the Big Game

Since the Bears haven’t even sniffed a world championship since the first quarter of the game in 2006, the main focus for me has been the ads that run into between Peyton Manning interceptions or blown coverage by New England’s secondary. The commercials are usually the highlight of the game and offer the most accessible water cooler talk to non-sports people (read: losers) but this year, they were down right HORRIBLE. Obviously, I’m not going to include links to any because we don’t do free ads but all the ads this year were absolute duds. The only ones that...

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This 15 Year Old Boston Kid is a Bastard

Meet 15 year old Boston native, Jason. Or, the name bestowed upon him by the internet, specifically Barstool Sports, as Patrick McGillicuddy. Here are some pictures of Patrick through the years to update you on how his life has gone.   First of all, McGillicuddy couldn’t be a better fake last name for this kid. Just such the perfect name. Picture fat White Goodman at the end of Dodgeball saying McGillicuddy instead of Chuck Norris, it just works. Perfect villain last name right here. Anyway, this kid is the definition of a bastard. If I was doing a case...

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Julien Firing (Thanks to Goaltending) Puts GM Sweeney Under More Scrutiny

Claude Julien was the longest-tenured NHL coach until this morning. After serving ten seasons behind the Boston bench, the Bruins announced this morning that they had parted ways with the coach that brought them a Stanley Cup back in 2011. Oh, and one other thing: today is the Patriots’ Super Bowl parade. Great PR by the Bruins. That plan isn’t too transparent. In the NHL, you have to have goaltending to compete. It is a must, and Boston doesn’t have the overall production you need to be successful between the pipes. Claude Julien fired with the #bruins sitting 30th...

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NBA Rules That Are Basically Suggestions

Traveling has been one of the most popular criticisms of the NBA for many years now, but it seems like it’s become even more of a problem recently. There are owners and coaches, such as Mark Cuban and Steve Kerr, that have been vocal in their disapproval of the rule’s enforcement. And even as a huge fan of the game, I can’t blame them or NBA critics, because guys like James Harden and LeBron James have been getting away with egregious travels for years now. But this isn’t the only rule that’s essentially a “suggestion” for NBA referees; here’s...

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