Since the Bears haven’t even sniffed a world championship since the first quarter of the game in 2006, the main focus for me has been the ads that run into between Peyton Manning interceptions or blown coverage by New England’s secondary. The commercials are usually the highlight of the game and offer the most accessible water cooler talk to non-sports people (read: losers) but this year, they were down right HORRIBLE. Obviously, I’m not going to include links to any because we don’t do free ads but all the ads this year were absolute duds. The only ones that people were talking about were the Audi wage gap one (BTW Audi has no women on its board of directors and has lied about engine emissions) and the handful that made reference to immigration/multiculturalism. With an issue like immigration, you could make the tear jerker to end all tear jerkers because of the human element, but these megalithic, faceless corporations shockingly missed the mark on that. Since this is technically a plant, I’ll mention it guilt-free: the avocados from Mexico commercials usually are the cream of the crop but they whiffed this year. I don’t know if it was because they had a weak time slot or just laid an egg in the writing room but golly, it was pretty cringe-y. All in all, I blame myself for being a slave to material objects that I sacrifice true human bonds by working for more meaningless money to buy them with and that ultimately rob me of my humanity and leave me hollow and my soul disfigured but I also blame the companies involved. Boooo!! Do better!!