Charles Oakley Is Not Happy With James Dolan1 min read

Charles Oakley Is Not Happy With James Dolan<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

New York Knick great Charles Oakley was forcefully ejected from Madison Square Garden and arrested by NYPD following an incident with team owner, James Dolan. Here is a video of an angry Charles Oakley being confronted by Garden security.

A few minutes later the Knicks issued a statement stating that Oakley was being arrested for his behavior. Yikes. I am so fucking thankful that I am not a Knicks fan right now. I am also thankful that I’m not one of those security guards. Chuck can still pack a punch, holy shit. That might be the most aggressive, powerful finger point push in the history of man. Oakley was a great Knicks player and is probably the only person that still cares about that damn team. You know Phil doesn’t, you sure as hell know Dolan doesn’t, about time somebody showed some passion in NYC. While it is great that Oakley is fired up about the team, don’t go shoving people. Bad look, no matter who you are. A few weeks back I was trying to write a blog about why Bulls fans should be happy to love this team and not be a Knicks fan, but couldn’t find the words or tweets or video to perfectly encompass it, but that video is exactly why we should be happy. Because no matter how bad things get with the Bulls, with Rondo, with Wade, with Fred, with the shitshow that is GarPax, we will never EVER be New York Knick-level bad, no matter how hard any of the aforementioned try. And believe me, they have been trying.

Side note: Chuck is a former Bull. Can’t make this shit up people.


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