Day: February 10, 2017

Myles Garrett: Loves Dallas or Hates Cleveland?

In a video that was posted on the evil empire’s website today, former Texas A&M defensive end and presumed #1 overall pick in this year’s NFL draft Myles Garrett asks Jerry Jones to trade “Tony Romo and a bunch of picks” to Cleveland so the Boys can take him first in April. I won’t lie, I kinda love the move by Garrett. No one¬†wants to play for Cleveland. As far as professional organizations go, the Browns are the worst, with the New York Knicks quickly gaining ground. Garrett making a video might be desperate, but as the great Michael...

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The B-Fox and B-Frank College Sports Podcast: February 10th

This week, the Brians discuss what exactly is going on with the Big Ten this season. The guys also take a look at a “wonky” Big 12 season thus far and decide if there is anyone that can still catch Kansas. They break down a bevy of this weekend’s best games, including one in everyone’s favorite conference: The WCC. As always check us out on iTunes, just search “B-Fox and B-Frank”, hit subscribe and each week the podcast will download directly to your phone when it is released! How easy! Please feel free to leave a review and let...

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