Year after year we see the WWE overlooking their most talented wrestlers simply because they do not have “the look.” The most recent example being the absolutely pitiful treatment of Luke Harper. He is by far the most talented big man in the WWE and gets little to no respect. With that being said, his most recent face-turn has given fans a lot to hope for. Let’s take a look at what Harper brings to the table.


Skill Set

It only takes a few minutes of watching Luke Harper to see that this guy has some serious talent and is only getting better. At the age of 37, not many people would believe that a wrestler at his size would actually begin to peak. In the past, we have seen flashes of greatness from Harper but he is finally putting it all together. No moment showcases Harper’s talent better than when he performed a hurricanrana on John Cena (below). That move is difficult enough but to perform it on someone who is smaller than you is simply miraculous.


Let’s face it, Luke Harper is not going to help the poster sales but that is what makes him so great. The fact that he does not fit the ideal wrestler model forces fans to focus on his skill alone. Other attractive and flashy wrestlers can mask their in-ring deficiencies by ripping off their shirt or cutting a good promo. Harper is a walk the walk type of guy and true fans appreciate him for that.


As far as Gimmicks go, the now separated Wyatt family takes the cake and then some. Now that the Wyatts separated many fans wonder if Luke Harper’s gimmick will work. I have not doubt that it will. The crazy swamp look fits him so well and he fully commits to it. How do I know this? A quick look at his twitter proves he loves being the crazy guy.

Check his tweet from last Monday…

Or the one from last Thursday…

Yes he does this every single day and the WWE universe cannot wait until we actually find out “what that means.”


This current face-turn and breakup of the Wyatt Family bodes well for Harper. I say this as someone who is hopefully optimistic that the WWE won’t completely botch this. His match tonight against Randy Orton will be a nice peek into the direction Harper may go. For his sake and the sake of all of his fans, let’s hope the WWE realizes the absolute gem that they have before it is too late.