Brian, John and I discuss Glock Osweiler possibly coming to the Bears, the bumbling Knicks, trade rumors concerning the Bulls and if there’s something in Simeon’s water. Inspired by Russ & KD, top 5 this week is feuds.


00:00 Brock Osweiler to the Bears?

2:30 Jabari tears his ACL, again

6:15 Bradley Beal finally stopped eating Skittles

8:30 Warriors vs Thunder

13:03 Oakley Debacle

15:30 Would you rather be the Bulls or the Knicks?

19:20 Spike Lee owns 3 Landry Fields jerseys

21:25 Bulls trade rumors

27:30 Kyle Korver was traded for a copy machine in 2004

30:20 Top 5 Feuds

38:07 Tweets

40:00 Stats