Just when we thought all-star weekend festivities were over, we got hit with the biggest Woj bomb of all. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are teaming up to create the most talented front court since David Robinson and Tim Duncan. 

From the outside looking in, there had to be some kind of dispute between Boogie and the FO in the last few days that forced the Kings’ hand. There were trade rumblings before this week, but all news coming out of Sacramento pointed to him staying with the franchise. They weren’t getting equal value offers, but still pulled the trigger on a deal that essentially netted them one first rounder, and an undersized, 23 year old rookie with limited athleticism that projects to be an above average shooting guard at best. It just doesn’t make sense from an organizational perspective, but it’s the Kings so who knows? Maybe Vivek saw tape of Tyreke Evans from his first Kings stint and demanded they get him back.

The Pelicans took a huge risk here, trading for a disgruntled star with the ability to leave in a year. If he signs an extension, you’ve got 2 superstar big men under contract for the foreseeable future. But if he leaves, then you’re back at square one, trying to surround Anthony Davis with real NBA talent again. I’m really hoping Cousins assured them he would sign long term, but with Boogie being the emotional lesbian he is, you never know. This deal was absolutely worth the risk, though, because it’s been 5 years now with AD with nothing to show for it, so when an opportunity to nab a franchise-altering big man for basically nothing presented itself, they had to make the play. 

The combo of the Brow and Boogie is going to be nearly impossible to stop for any opponent, especially considering that it’s a rarity nowadays to have two 20+ scorers at PF/C. Almost no NBA teams have the resources to defend offensively gifted big men anymore. Plus, both of their offensive repertoire’s are diverse enough that they will be able to adapt to each other’s strengths. 

For the Kings, a total rebuild starts today, and they don’t have much to start with. The only players worth keeping moving forward are Cauley-Stein, Heild, and maybe Labissiere/Richardson?  But no one out of this group projects to be anything substantial in the NBA, so the Kings better hope a top 5 picks falls in their lap this summer. 

Vivek’s tank command has officially commenced.