Day: February 20, 2017

Welcome to the Jungle: The Return of Gagne?

Ghosts of the Past As the guitar riffs of Guns N’ Roses┬áreverberate throughout Dodger Stadium, the stocky reliever jogs to the mound. His clear rec specs give him the appearance of a dentist waiting to make quick work of your annual visit. His jagged goatee, meanwhile, leads you to believe you’ll find him in your neighbor’s garage playing the bass along to a Weezer album. This is Eric Gagne, the Dodgers’ dominant 9th inning stopper. This is also 2003. Fast forward fourteen years, and Eric Gagne’s life is much different. The biting curveball has been replaced by even sharper...

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The 2017 NBA Season Is Heating Up at the Right Time

The dirty secret of this NBA season was it was all just a played out opening act leading up to Warriors-Cavs round 3 in June. Many fans, myself included, were generally uninterested throughout the winter as whatever was going on in Football was still considerably better than watching the Warriors and Cavs slaughter teams on TNT and ESPN. It basically seemed like the first 6 months of the season were going to be a big old waste of time and we would all just tune in come June. However, I gotta say, the NBA is pulling me back in....

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LMBF College Hoops Update: February 20th

Blogger Schools Butler (AP: 22 Coaches: 22) The Bulldogs found the offensive touch this week going 2-0 and averaging 96 ppg. Butler has clinched a first-round bye in the Big East tournament after last week and will battle with Creighton for the 2nd seed. Huge week for the Dawgs who look to improve their seed line with a big opportunity at Villanova followed by a road trip to Cincinnati to play Xavier. Creighton (AP: 23 Coaches: 23) Creighton suffered a road loss to Seton Hall mid-week and bounced-back nicely beating Georgetown by double-digits at home. Marcus Foster was nothing...

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