Oftentimes in the world of professional wrestling things do not go according to the script. A prime example of this was the end of Smackdown Live last night (2/21). After 8 men were eliminated from the 10-man battle royale only Luke Harper and AJ Styles were left standing. The winner gets to face off against Bray Wyatt as a headliner at Wrestlemania.These two have been the workhorses of the WWE over the past month or two and the spotlight was on them.

The writers clearly planned on having Harper and Styles’ feet hit the ground at the same time… but that is not exactly what happened. See for yourself.

The refs deemed this a draw setting up an electric main event for next week, but was it the right call? From a tv rating standpoint, this could not have worked out any better. The often betrayed Luke Harper has another reason to get mad while AJ Styles stays in the hunt to main event Wrestlemania. As a fan of wrestling, however, I  am somewhat disappointed.

Wrestling in itself is unsuccessful if it fails to suspend disbelief. Any true fan over the age of 10 knows the fighting is not real and the ending is predetermined but that does not matter if it LOOKS real. This ending was clearly predetermined to be a draw but a botched moved showed otherwise. In order to hide the predetermination, the writers and wrestlers have to go with the flow. They have an entire week to change the story after declaring Harper the winner so why stick to the script? To be honest, the draw, in over the rope matches, is so overdone and needs to be retired, but that is a topic for another day.

Luckily this 10-man match has set up a great slate of matches and rivalries leading up to Wrestlemania. If all remains the same, we will see,Cena v. the Miz, Corbin v. Ambrose, and a Dolph v. Kalisto and Apollo Crews handicap match (most likely pre-show). As for the main event, the story works so much better if Harper wins. This would allow Randy Orton to re-enter and make it a triple threat along with Bray Wyatt. As for Styles, my only guess is he faces off against Triple H, poor guy.