The NBA absolutely forced the Hawks to give the Cavs Kyle Korver2 min read

The NBA absolutely forced the Hawks to give the Cavs Kyle Korver<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Today is NBA Trade Deadline day, and while most people are interested in the Mavs-76ers swap, or Jimmy Butler/Paul George rumors, I’m enthralled by this obvious NBA Collusion. Why the fuck did the Hawks, the 5th seed in the East, give the Cavs Kyle Korver a month ago? Lets look at some evidence that lead me to my conclusion that the NBA is it again, nothing like a little corruption baby.

The Hawks got Nothing In Return

My first clue of this #conspiracy was the Hawks return. They got nothing back for an incredibly value NBA role player. If you forgot, the return for a half year of Kyle Korver was

It’s a 2019 first rounder that is top 10 protected. LBJ and Kyrie will still be on the Cavs in 2019. That will be the 29th pick. In 2 years. That is nothing. They literally took on some bad Cavs contracts they needed off their books, gave them a great role guy, and got the 29th pick back. Huh?

The Hawks are the 5th seed; and the Cavs are their immediate competitor.

The Hawks are going to play the damn Cavs in the 2nd round if things go well! Why would they just trade them the best three point shooter in the league, an integral part of their team? Don’t tell me the Cavs are the only team willing to trade for Kyle Korver.

Yeah but the Hawks are tanking, they are going to blow up their roster and fall out of the playoff race.

So we thought! Instead, they have denied all inquires about Paul Millsap and traded absolutely nobody off their roster until….

The Hawks just made a “Win Now” move and gave up a couple 2nd rounders for Ersan Ilyasova!–nba.html

Somebody explain to me that! Now the Hawks are buying? Remember, that Cavs pick is going to be pick 30 or 29, so it might as well be labeled a 2nd rounder. All in all, its very clear what happened here.

Adam Silver is David Stern’s Puppet

Stern is totally up to his old tricks, giving the Cavs Korver to make their eventual series vs. the Warriors better. Its the only explanation.


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