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Since he left the UFC three years ago, fans have wondered whether or not Georges St. Pierre would ever return to the octagon. The former Welterweight champion, also considered to be one of the best fighters to ever step into the octagon, announced that he and Dana White had come to an agreement and that he would return. Against whom, we don’t know.

Some big names have been thrown out in terms of who GSP’s return fight would be against. Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor to name a few. However, I don’t see a first fight against Bisping for two reasons. One being, it’s GSP’s first fight back after three years. Second, Dana White would be simply looking for a money fight in giving GSP a shot at the middleweight title in his first fight back in the UFC. Fans love a good show, but they also know when a fight is simply spectacle. That isn’t to say I think GSP can’t beat Bisping. I just think GSP should have at least two fights before seeking another title shot. As for McGregor, I don’t think that would be possible simply due to their weight class differences.

What’s odd though, is how GSP left the UFC and how he’s coming back according to Dana White. When St. Pierre left the UFC, White had said that it was because GSP didn’t have the fight “mentality” anymore and that he no longer wished to compete. Now, three years later, White believes that GSP now has the mentality back? I’m not sure I believe that one. I think GSP never lost the desire to compete, but needed some time off. I do, however, believe that Dana White plans to capitalize and use the return of Georges St. Pierre to bring fans back to the sport. A few years ago, I didn’t know many people who didn’t watch the fights. You had Matt Hughes, GSP, Anderson Silva, and others all in their prime and battling for titles. Nowadays, the biggest draws to the sport are Conor McGregor, an electric fighter, and Ronda Rousey, who we aren’t sure will ever fight again after her loss to Amanda Nunes.

What I’m trying to get at, is that there aren’t too many noteworthy characters in the UFC as there once were, which led to a drop in viewership. With Jon Jones getting suspended and Rousey’s loss, there isn’t much outside of Conor McGregor to get fans excited. Not to say McGregor is the only draw to the sport, but he seems to be the only one to draw as much viewership as he does. With the return of GSP along with some up and coming fighters, the UFC can bring back some old fans and gain a new generation as well.

I can’t wait for GSP’s fight, no matter who he fights. I loved watching him a few years ago and I still do. Have you seen his highlights on YouTube? They never get old. He is one of the greatest fighters, period. I’m excited to see him come back.


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