It’s pretty cut and dry folks; the Bulls inability to start the re-build falls entirely on Theo Epstein’s shoulders, the most over-rated anti-christ of all time.

Ever since Theo Epstein convinced the world being awful for 4 years was difficult work, teams all over the world have been copying his style. No longer did teams consider “winning” the goal, instead it was all about being in “rebuilding” mode so you couldn’t be fired. Why push your chips all in and go for a World Series (I.e 2005 White Sox) when you could brag about “assets” and the “future” and keep your seat nice and cold.

This mindset is rearing its ugly head right now in the NBA. The Celtics (don’t tell me its a coincidence Theo Epstein’s poisoning mindset has its roots in Boston, a city he was run out of) are refusing to trade a freaking 25% chance at the #1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft for established All-Star Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls. Even if you think¬†The 2017 NBA Draft is the best draft class since 2003, you still gotta wonder¬†What the Hell is Danny Ainge Waiting For?. This pick is more likely to be 3+ than 1 or 2. You won’t include the 3rd pick in the NBA draft for 2 years of Jimmy Butler when your team is ready to compete now?!!? Its very clear whats going on here, Ainge is taking a page from Epstein’s book, ensuing his job is safe until he has a SuperTeam he can “go for it” with. Classic scared millennials refusing to ask women on first dates.

Look, the Bulls need to re-set, and a top 3 pick and Jaylen Brown could be a nice start. But despite anti-tanking HERO Jerry Reinsdorf’s best efforts, Danny Ainge and Theo Epstein refuse to let the rebuild commence. God I hate that guy.