Well aren’t you a pretty little snowflake, John. Let me say this first, I absolutely love John Wall’s game and I did call him the most underrated NBA star in my preseason predictions, but this is just the type of preferential treatment NBA stars have come to expect.

He does have a fair argument that he doesn’t get enough calls, but so did pre-injuries Derrick Rose, and he never put down his fellow players while talking about it. I’m sure this wasn’t his intent, but this quote on its own makes it seem like he doesn’t respect the role players that fight and grind to find a niche in this league.  He shouldn’t expect any better treatment from the officials than any backup receives.

 He shouldn’t, but he does, because of how the NBA favors its superstars. There’s a reason why guys like James Harden, Chris Paul, LeBron James, and even our very own Jimmy Butler & Dwyane Wade exaggerate contact with reckless abandonment. It’s because every official gives them the call almost every damn time.

Wall’s dismissal of the NBA’s role players was unfounded, but the league can only blame themselves for fostering this kind of mindset.