It’s Time For Georgetown To Let JTIII Go2 min read

It’s Time For Georgetown To Let JTIII Go<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Following a loss to my Seton Hall Pirates, the Hoyas have dropped to 5-12 in the Big East, the most Big East losses in program history. After winning three straight to close out January, Georgetown has picked up just one win since (over Marquette). That is a dismal 1-6 record for the month. This month is merely a microcosm of JTIII’s past few seasons. There is a ton of talent on this rosterĀ and has been for a few seasons. The consistent underachievement has gone on for too long and has seemed to peak as of late. Even in the good years, JTIII’s squads have been massive disappointments in the postseason. He has reached just two Sweet Sixteens in his career, granted one led to a Final Four, but that was waaaaaaaay back in his 2nd and 3rd seasons at the helm. It is now year 13, something has to give. In that stretch of poor tournament play, Georgetown introduced the world to Dunk City, Florida Gulf Coast. The Hoyas were the 2 seed and lost to 15 seed FGCU by 10. That game was just the 7th time a 15 seed had beaten a 2.

Back-to-back losing seasons in the Big East is not suitable for Georgetown, a team that was expected to carry the new, realigned conference. This feeling is mutual among a vast majority of the Hoya faithful as there is a petition created by students asking the president of the University to relieve Thompson of his duties. This is 2017, folks, petitions are serious shit.

Unfortunately for Hoya fans, it doesn’t seem like any change will come while papa John Thompson is around. The man built the program and still has quite a bit of pull inside the University. A good Georgetown is good for the Big East, simple as that. So hopefully, the administration or someone steps in and makes the decision to part ways from JTIII. There is talent there and G-Town will never struggle to recruit (barring an epic collapse), so get some fresh blood in the building and get back in the mix in the Big East.

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