If you somehow missed the big NBA news

Sports Illustrated News Story

Kevin Durant will be sitting out the next 4 weeks to nurse a knee injury.

Most NBA fans are wondering about stupid things like how it will affect the playoff race and how the Dubs play without him. These things are stupid though. All that matters is this.

KD the cupcake is running scared from Big Bad Russ.

After Russ hit him with the “I’m coming”, KD shit his pants and immediately began thinking up excuses to miss the next showdown, since he is a coward and fears the almighty Russell Westbrook. Then OKC went out and added some serious grit in Taj Gibson, some shooting in Dougie McBuckets, and got well known KD-hater Enes Kanter back and healthy. KD clearly wanted NOTHING to do with his return trip to OKC, as there was a 0% chance Russ wasn’t dunking all over his ass and leading the Thunder to an easy win. So like all coastal elites, he got the biased media to report some #FakeNews and make up a bogus injury to keep him out for a convenient month, just enough time after the OKC game to make it seem legit. Then he can come back in April like some hero and lead the Dubs to a title. Classic soft millennial.