USA Brings Home The Bronze In Las Vegas Sevens1 min read

USA Brings Home The Bronze In Las Vegas Sevens<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

If you’re going to watch only one game, let it be this one

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, the Las Vegas Sevens series may be the most electrifying sporting event in the United States, no hyperbole. Sure, the Super Bowl gets more hype and the World Series has a century and more of history behind it but in terms of pure entertainment value, nothing tops LVS. Sevens, if you didn’t know, is a 7v7 version of rugby with slightly watered down rules to encourage fast paced action, high scoring, and to be played tournament style over the course of weekend. 3 days of non stop mayhem in Las Vegas and the only money you lose is spent on the ticket! People from all over the world come in specifically for this tournament. I was passing through on my way to Arizona for spring break last year and happened to be across the street from the hotel that hosted all the teams. I saw Tongans play slots all night, a rather large Kiwi with an even bigger cowboy hat, and a couple of drunk Kenyans get politely escorted off of the premises. And that was just the night before! The best news of all was that this year, Team USA beat New Zealand 19-15 to secure 3rd place. Its nice to see that the US is able to compete at such a high level in a sport that has a relatively small base here in the states.

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