Introducing Monday Afternoon Scrum Half (MASH), A Weekly Rugby Round Up5 min read

Introducing Monday Afternoon Scrum Half (MASH), A Weekly Rugby Round Up<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">5</span> min read</span>

LMBF is the premier home for rugby coverage, catered specifically to fans who may not exactly be experts of the sport, as we all know. In order to keep that title, I’m introducing a new weekly post that’ll seek to catch you up on everything that happened the previous week in the world of rugby. We’ll have highlights, analysis, tips, and more every Monday afternoon because my Monday morning is typically still an extension of Saturday night. Be sure to tweet at @letmebfrankblog with any question you’d want addressed and I’ll try and answer it the best I can. Don’t forget to call me a pussy, too. Right then, away we go!


Six Nations Rages On

LMBF lifers know that we try and cover European rugby fairly closely and the Six Nations tournament is the most important event in that realm. If you don’t know, Six Nations is a tournament of the 6 major rugby powers in Europe that takes place every year. France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England all square off in a round robin tournament, clashing for scrum down superiority.

England is the reigning champs and are looking to keep their crown. On Saturday, the took on a plucky Scotland, who was coming off of a double digit victory against Wales the week before. The English showed why they’re a top tier team and manhandled their way to 61-21 victory at Twickenham Stadium. Sloppy back play by the Scots certainly didn’t help but England continues to ask the question, “do we have the best loose forwards in international rugby?” A question that grows tougher to answer after every match.

Wales and Ireland faced off as well, but the Micks must’ve been drinking green beer with me in Wrigleyville because they just DID NOT show up to play. This is the same team that beat the All Blacks for the first time in 111 years, remember? Tough loss for Paddy as they fall to Wales 22-9.

In the final Six Nations fixture, France and Italy had a surrender-a-thon. Maybe its just a cultural thing but fans of both teams were waving white flags the entire game. They may have been on time but the wheels fell off of Italy’s train as the Frogs pound them 40-18 and move into 3rd place.

As of today, the standings are as follows*:

  1. England 18 pts (4-0)
  2. Ireland 10 pts (2-2)
  3. France 10 pts (2-2)
  4. Wales 9 pts (2-2)
  5. Scotland 9 pts (2-2)
  6. Italy 0 pts (0-4)

*Rugby utilizes a point system, much like hockey. Ireland and Wales beat France and Scotland head to head, respectively.

Super Rugby Is Upon Us!

What other blog is gonna take you to school AND teach you something too?? Super Rugby is the NFL of rugby in the Southern Hemisphere. Professional teams compete from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, and Japan. Week 3 just wrapped up this weekend, here’s a highlight reel for some of the fast pace action from Down Under

Tweet or comment on Facebook your favorite teams and I’ll work in a more a detailed break down for some of the LMBF fan favs!

Japan’s sole team, the Sunwolves, gave a hell of a game against the Cheetahs of South Africa. Typical trap game for the Cheetahs, as the Sunwolves are firmly locked into last place, familiar territory for most expansion teams (looking at you Jags). Cheetahs tightened it up and squeaked by 38-31. I know the now defunct PRO Rugby here in America had some sort of stipulation about having a certain amount of American born players per team but I’m not sure if Super Rugby has it too. Either way, rugby is getting HUGE in Japan and its only a matter of time before they’re a real force to reckon with.

(This second video here just serves to bolster my point of an ascendant Japan side)

The rest of the scoring table is below:

Chiefs and Stormers both improve to 3-0 and claim 1st and 2nd overall respectively. Blues drop a tough one to the Highlanders and fall to 8th place (I own jerseys of both of these teams so I was pretty conflicted).

Remember, tweet @letmebfrankblog and let us know your favorite teams so we can keep you up to date on your favorite squads!

Sevens Tournament in Vancouver

Coming off of the biggest sporting event in North America, the HSBC Sevens Series packed their bags and headed north to Vancouver, BC for some more fast paced action. The championship came down to England and South Africa, two extremely explosive teams who always deliver the highlight reel material. There must be something in the Marmite because England came home with the hardware, delivering a major upset to the Blitzboks, final score 19-7. Outstanding win for jolly ol’ England and even MORE proof that the HSBC Sevens may be the pound-for-pound best form of entertainment in the world.


So this has been the first of hopefully man MASH’s. I hope you learned a little something about rugby and even more about yourself. Keep the tweets coming @letmebfrankblog so we can cater MASH as best as we can for our ravenous rugby fans out there! Now let’s go kick the rest of the week’s ass!




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