Day: March 22, 2017

Let Me B-Frank Podcast: March 22nd

Brian, John and Pete are at LMBF headquarters, and John is having a family emergency. The now well known crying Northwestern kid is John’s cousin, the Little Ticket to John’s Big Ticket, and he is miffed about how the media has treated his cousin. Marshawn Lynch, LaVar Ball, and Dwyane Wade are all discussed. Top 5 is Best Backyard Baseball Characters. 00:00 Crying Northwestern kid & other March Madness (not the Future song) 7:47 Marshawn Lynch is back? And Mitchell Trubisky can’t dance 12:25 Dwyane Wade injured, RIP Jerry Krause, Does LeBron deserve more rest? 19:48 Top 5...

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Top Rated Safety Tony Jefferson Used Madden To Make Free Agency Choice

According to an ESPN article posted this early morning, top NFL free agent safety Tony Jefferson, who recently signed with the Baltimore Ravens, said he made the choice partially due to testing out jerseys in Madden. No, this is not a joke, a grown man who was set to make millions upon millions of dollars — Jefferson signed a 4 year $36m deal with Baltimore — used a video game because he is “a guy of swagger” and wanted to see which uniform looked best on him. Jefferson had offers from the Jets and Browns for about $1.5m more...

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Did I just become a LaVar Ball guy?

This is what I had to say about LaVar Ball just a few short days ago. The question now becomes whether or not LaVar Ball joins Lebron, Goodell, and Hitler on Mt. Rushmore for worst people of all time. Thoughts? — Nick Surges (@Nick_Surges) March 15, 2017 I’m sure everyone has become extremely familiar with the name LaVar Ball.┬áHis son is a stud, but he’s really annoying and kinda stinks. To the general public that’s basically the 411 on our boy LaVar. Guy comes out and says he could beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1, is now public enemy...

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