According to an ESPN article posted this early morning, top NFL free agent safety Tony Jefferson, who recently signed with the Baltimore Ravens, said he made the choice partially due to testing out jerseys in Madden. No, this is not a joke, a grown man who was set to make millions upon millions of dollars — Jefferson signed a 4 year $36m deal with Baltimore — used a video game because he is “a guy of swagger” and wanted to see which uniform looked best on him. Jefferson had offers from the Jets and Browns for about $1.5m more but ultimately decided on the Ravens, due in part to their black on black jerseys. To be totally honest, I don’t hate the move, mainly because he chose to sign with the best of all the teams available, but also, you cannot overlook how awesome those black on black Ravens’ jerseys look.

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I won’t lie, growing up every year for Christmas I had an Ed Reed black Ravens jersey on my list, back then a young B-Frank knew how sick those unis were and even now they are getting the proper respect that they deserve.