Your favorite LMBF bloggers are participating in a 12 team fantasy baseball league this year, and I am here for the draft grades. If you’re wondering why I’m not in the league itself, I actually enjoy the sport of baseball and would enjoy a fantasy baseball league not a desperate attempt at making everything into fantasy football (the league is fucking h2h points with weekly matchups which is all time dumb and I am salty about it. I am writing this whole blog as passive aggressive protest because everyone loves that guy).

I was emailed the draft results and there is no way I am going pick by pick nobody cares. Instead, I’m going to go round by round and do BEST PICK and BIGGEST REACH. Lets get this started

*Later this week I also hope to Power Rank the teams when I get a better look at the full rosters. Will attach vegas futures*

Round 1

Best Pick: Jason Heyward’s Bat Speed (Team Surges): Mike Trout (1).

No shit

Biggest Reach: G-Baby’s Gunnas (Team Norland/His Dad): Madison Bumgarner (6)

Taking MadBum over offensive stalwarts like Donaldson, Machado and Arenado is a big no-no for me. He isn’t even the 2nd best pitcher in the bigs.

Round 2

Best Pick: Donnie’s Bad Hombres (Team Carey): Trea Turner (21)

Biggest Reach: Kenny Williams’ Guaranteed Salary (Team Campbell): Charlie Blackmon (17)

Give me Turner over Blackmon every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Do not fundamentally understand this one at all.

Round 3

Best Pick: Team Bovard: Tim Anderson (27)

You can put it on the board…. YES! Great pick. Just a really smart pick.

Biggest Reach: Team Bovard: Tim Anderson (27)

Daniel Murphy went 2 picks later. This is a pure points league. This may not have been the best pick of the draft

Round 4

Best Pick: Team Fox: George Springer (44)

Picked after Andrew McCutchen and Christian Yelich. Great pick. Springer is at the top of a loaded Astros offense.

Biggest Reach: Team Bovard: Giancarlo Stanton (46)

J.D Martinez and Trevor Story were the next two picks. Would rather have both of them. Total name brand reach.

Round 5

Best Pick: Team Lockie: Gregory Polanco (60)

I am a Gregory Polanco breakout year truther

Biggest Reach: Milwaukee Beers (B-Frank): Billy Hamilton (57)

Does Brian know its a points league? Billy Hamilton winning your steals all alone in Roto is worth a top 60 pick, but points? No thanks.

Round 6

Best Pick: Team Surges: Chris Davis (72)

Biggest Reach: Rossy’s All Stars (Puke): Carlos Santana (63).

If Carlos Santana outperforms Chris Davis this year then Davis Ross really is a God.

Round 7

Best Pick: Team Lockie: Jose Quintana (84)

Biggest Reach: Team Campbell: Mark Melancon (80)

This is a points league right? Who is out here taking Low K% closers in their 30’s over top 15 starters?

Round 8

Best Pick: Team B-Frank: Zack Greinke (88)

I will take Zack over the dude who went 85th every day of the week.

Biggest Reach: Team Lockie: Rick Porcello (85)

The next 3 starters were Duffy, Greinke and Cole. Will take any of them over Porcello and not think twice. Then again this same blog voted Porcello AL Cy Young so fuck it.

Round 9

Best Pick: Rossy’s Dancing All Stars (Team Sedivy): Andrew Benintendi (106)

Biggest Reach: Team Campbell: Matt Kemp (104)

Is their anyone out there in the world who would rather have Matt Kemp’s empty power in the Atlana offense than Benny Baseball in Boston’s offense?

Round 10

Best Pick: Team Fox: Aaron Sanchez (116)

Biggest Reach: Goldschmidt and Associates (Team Anton): David Price (114)

Optimism is a great quality in all but passing on one of the nastiest pitchers in the AL for a dude who is very likely hurt and wasn’t all that great last year is an interesting move.

Round 11

Best Pick: Team Bovard: Yoan Moncada (123)

Biggest Reach: Team Bovard: Yoan Moncada (123)

Fuck Yes. Team Bovard is my spirit animal.

Round 12

Best Pick: Team Carey: Justin Turner (141)

Biggest Reach: Team Norland: Aramis Ramirez (139)

Taking a retired dude over Justin Turner sure is something.

Round 13

Best Pick: Team Surges: Maikel Franco (145)

I am buying a breakout for Franco, and would rather have him than Turner, a pick I liked at 141. Good choice.

Biggest Reach: Team Anton: Eduardo Nunez (151)

No thanks. Dansby Swanson went like 4 picks later.

Round 14

Best Pick: Team Fox: Steven Matz (164)

Biggest Reach: Team Surges: Jay Bruce (168)

Jay Bruce shouldn’t have been drafted. So any picking of Jay Bruce is a bad pick.

Round 15

Best Pick: Team Campbell: Aaron Nola (176)

Biggest Reach: Team Norland: Adam Wainwright (174)

Anyone want Adam Wainwright over Aaron Nola

Round 16

Best Pick: Team Cooney: Joc Pederson (191)

Biggest Reach: Team Fox: Ender Inciarte (188)

These leagues don’t reward defense right?

Round 17

Best Pick: Team Surges: Jon Gray (193)

I am a Jon Gray fanboy and all in on his breakout.

Biggest Reach: Team Anton: Shawn Kelly (199)

He will get plenty of opportunities to prove he truly isn’t good.

Round 18

Best Pick: Team Campbell: Robbie Ray (209)

Breakout year coming

Biggest Reach: Team Carey: Jim Johnson (213)

Points league, gotta get those closers who aren’t good but will have save opportunities!

Rounds 19-24

Best Pick: Team Anton: Tyler Saladino (271)

Cancel the League!!!!!!!! I am all aboard Team Anton.

Biggest Reach: Team Carey: Jason Heyward (244)

Until told its not we are working under the assumption this was irony. Good Joke pete! Classic Tall Guy!