Lead With Creed 

I am quickly realizing how few Creed songs I know. I guess I’m not as much of a fan as I thought. This may be the last #ThoughtTrainThursday in a while that features music rather than a wildly entertaining character from The Office. Enjoy it while you still can!

Will he turn down millions to stay in Nebraska?

When I think about it that way, the prospect of putting off a professional basketball career to attend school at the nation’s most expensive wind tunnel does not seem all that appealing. However, I – along with thousands of Creighton fans – selfishly want (redshirt) freshman phenom Justin Patton to return for his sophomore season for the Bluejays. After scoring machine Marcus Foster and Gallagher Hall’s very own Tyler Clement announced that they both would return for their final years of eligibility, Omahans are anxiously awaiting Justin’s announcement.

While I playfully belittled the prospect of him returning, I believe he will do so. All of the NBA lottery-pick hype has been contrived by the media (SAD!) as Patton has not come out publicly or privately – to my knowledge – and let it be known that he would declare for the draft. He was born and raised in Omaha, and any 19 year old kid has to be shaking in his boots at the prospect of setting out on his own. Millions of dollars might make a bit of a difference though. From the instagram live videos – as reputable of a source as I have access to – that I have watched this season of guys on the team, the 7-footer is having a blast in college.

Plus, it would be nicer to wrap up one’s career after advancing to at least the second weekend of the tournament rather than being bounced by an 11-seed. Boy was I wrong about the prospect of the Bluejays advancing to the Final Four.

I have no idea what I got myself into

Last night marked the inaugural draft of the LMBF fantasy baseball league. It was scheduled for 7:45 central time, but I had rugby practice and got home at around 8:30. Instead of requesting that we reschedule the draft yet again, I asked around amongst my friends and family if they would help me draft until I could take over. As it turned out, my pops stepped up to the plate.

All was going according to plan until someone congratulated me in the message board on drafting Addison Russell, who bears a striking resemblance to my girlfriend.

My dad responded something along the lines of “Be careful, you are insulting a 53 year-old man”, and my cover was blown. I did some damage control in response to Jim Norland’s abnormally defensive response – given his easygoing demeanor – and finished the draft all by myself! Despite this hiccup, I was quite satisfied with how my team turned out. That is, until I read Sir Charles Wooding’s tongue-in-cheek quick glance at the draft.

Momma I made it on 3 of the “biggest reach” categories, tied for worst in the league! In my defense, one of these picks was Aramis Ramirez. One may surmise that I was ill-advised in picking a player entering his second year of retirement, but hear me out. As luck would have it, my dad handed over the reigns to me mid-pick, which I failed to realize until there were less than 10 seconds on the clock. I panicked and clicked the first name that I recognized. Chalk that up to user error. I have never played fantasy baseball before, so it should be a wild ride.

Pearly whites – easier than ever before! 

Some electronic toothbrush company is launching a campaign in which anyone can sign up for text reminders to brush their teeth. As someone who would miss 95% of the appointments I schedule if not for text message notifications, I am on board 100%. The service, which can remind you to brush up to three times per day, involves a small team of actual moms to send out reminders in the morning, after lunch, and at night.

Another reason to be on board? These moms will not string seven questions together in one text, something countless mothers are guilty of. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from my wonderful mother, but prolonged text conversations that could be handled in a 5 minute phone call happen every day to millions across the globe. All these surrogate moms are after is one thing: dental health. You won’t find them updating you on your dog’s last trip to the vet or letting you know about the recent interaction with that kid you grew up with that you haven’t heard from (for good reason) in years in the same breath.

That does it for this week’s Thought Train Thursday. Watch plenty of basketball these next few days. You deserve it.

feature image via Associated Press