Rougned Odor is in the news for an all-time great contract stipulation, I scared myself the other day watching YouTube, and I’m already thinking about retirement. #ThoughtTrainThursday is a go.

Lead With Creed 

Could there be a more topical Creed Bratton video for a series titled Thought Train Thursday? It adds to the mystery that is Creed and really makes you think. I had to watch it a few times to even be able to get myself to hint at what he meant.

Horsing Around With The Rangers

No, he did not get traded to Philadelphia, but the Texas Ranger’s Golden Gloves second-baseman landed himself a pair of Fillys. Lame puns aside – we go to great lengths to be a good blog (h/t B-Frank, Mordecai) – how cool is it that the Texas Rangers sweetened their second baseman’s six year contract extension with  a couple of horses?

Odor grew up with horses on a ranch in Venezuela, and those two noble steeds were the icing on the cake for his new 6-year, $49.5 million deal with the Rangers. Johnny Cueto has to be jealous. R.I.P Popeye.

A Lesson In Self-Control 

Speaking of wasting time on YouTube, I did something equal parts concerning and extraordinary on Tuesday evening. I opened my laptop with a few hours to kill, fully intending to get lost down a YouTube rabbit hole. Instead, I closed my browser and shut my computer after watching only one video (not to brag). After I did so, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. Dare I go far enough to say that it was an out-of-body experience? Is this something that I should be proud of?

Now, there are times that we all open up YouTube to show somebody a song or a clip that we cannot believe our friends haven’t seen. But this time was different. I was alone in my living room with little else to do and somehow managed to exert my willpower over one of the internet’s most time-draining sites. Even when I was pressed for time trying to learn how to tie a tie in middle school before a banquet, I found myself clicking random videos in the sidebar about god knows what.

My Dream Job In Sports 

Today – as is the case with most days – was an interesting day in the LMBF GroupMe. Without boring you too much, I will provide just enough information to contextualize this certain train of thought. We are obviously a group of young guys who pour countless hours into watching, thinking on, and writing about sports. Makes sense, seeing as we’re a sports blog.

I can pretty safely assume that all of us grew up wanting to work in sports in one capacity or another. For me, blogging does just the trick, but this was not always the case and I am one of the less ambitious of the LMBF crew in reference to a career in sports. We range from club sports athletes, to college athletes, to Chicago Cubs batboys, to authors, to credentialed media, to aspiring athletic directors, baseball front-office personnel, sports media agency entrepreneurs, and the like.

Amongst this ambitious group of young men discussing their ideal career paths, I thought about something my dad has said for years and years. In between his rifts with a few of the guys during the Inaugural LMBF Fantasy Baseball Draft, a hilarious moment, he has said that when he retires from his career he wants to become a hot dog vendor at Wrigley Field. Similar to that, I would love to become a snowbird once I grow old and work as a stadium staffer during Cactus League Spring Training. What better way to live out your golden years?

photo credit: Eduardo Amorim La overa y los colorados via photopin (license)